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Children Photography in Jersey City, NJ

Kids grow up fast. As a new mother or father, this fact becomes most clearly evident when buying clothes for your child. So it’s important to capture the moments when you can before they slip away.

Babies go through some of their biggest milestones within their first year, and even toddlers will seem to change drastically from one month to the next.  In their first year, babies learn how to hold their head up and smile around their third month, give or take.   Once they learn to do so, there is no better time to capture some of the most adorable photographs of your child, as they can pose and smile with various props and outfits.

For children, there is nothing more fun or heartwarming than a special event in their lives. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or even just for the fun of it, a professional photography session can help make that moment last forever.

Like the newborn and maternity photo sessions, all baby and children photo shoots can be done in the studio or on location. In the studio, Tanya can provide various backdrops and props to help mark that special event with a professional quality photo session for you and young ones.

For special events like birthdays, Tanya is available to for on-site photography sessions during the event. Convenience is key, as nowadays everybody has a cell phone and camera to capture the day to day moments. However, Tanya has the professional experience and creative aptitude to capture each and every event milestone and turn it into beautiful keepsake for years to come, or even just for your Facebook profile! By having Tanya photograph your event, it also allows you the freedom to enjoy the occasion with your child, and not have to worry about missing any moments with your camera phone.

Event and special occasion photography sessions should be scheduled with as much advance notice as possible, to ensure Tanya is free for that particular event.


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